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Frankie Grande mugged in New York City 

Nov 16
Frankie Grande mugged in New York City 
Brianna Walmark

Frankie Grande mugged in New York City 


  • Frankie Grande was mugged in the streets of New York City 
  • Two teenagers approached him and took his stuff 
  • Since the incident, the teenagers have been arrested and charged 

Frankie Grande mugged in New York City. As Ariana Grande’s older brother Frankie Grande was walking the streets of  8th avenue in midtown at around 6:30 pm le when he was hit from behind by two individuals. While he was attacked to two teenagers happened to take his Louis Vuitton bag with his iPhone, AirPods, sunglasses, and wallet. 


While he was mugged Frankie obtained minor injuries. The two teenagers who were the participants of this theft were the ages 13 and 17. The children used an imitation pistol and a razor blade during the attack. Since the mugging, the two individuals were caught, arrested, and charged with robbery, grand larceny, unlawful use of a credit card, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of the stolen property, menacing, and harassment. After the incident, Frankie took to his social media to announce his thankfulness. His post shares “I am so thankful to be safe and healing. Keep shining bright and stay safe out there.”

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