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Harry Styles support during sex scenes

Sep 13
Harry Styles support during sex scenes
Brianna Walmark

Harry Styles support during sex scenes

  • Harry Styles and co-star David Dawson looked out for each other in the new film 
  • My Policeman stars had to film intimate sex scenes 
  • And the two had come to the agreement that they would try to make each other feel as comfortable as they could. 


Actor David Dawson shares his experiences with working alongside Harry Styles in their new film My Policeman. He caught up with People where he explained the filming process that took place and what it was like working alongside pop sensation Harry as he shares, “Very quickly you have to get rid of any kind of notion of what you knew of the musician before and just deal with him as a fellow actor. And he makes that incredibly easy to do. He’s incredibly down to earth. He’s a good Northern lad like myself.” 

Aside from just getting to know one another as co-stars, they also have to get comfortable with each other on an intimate level. The two had to film sex scenes where David explains what went into that process. He shares, “We explored what we wanted those scenes to be together. So that at all times we all felt a lot of trust and support in the process. And I and Harry also promised each other that we’d always look out for each other during it. This made us both feel always supported and comfortable.

And, actually, I can’t emphasize the importance of an intimacy coordinator, the impact that brings to the set. You might think that it would make people feel restrained in what they do.” He adds, “but you actually gain freedom, I think, because everybody feels very comfortable and respected in what they’re making. “When you have the opportunity to work with people that you just feel good hanging around, they’re both wonderful people to be around.

So I think having a base of a real friendship outside of the characters obviously allows for kind of the friendship scenes, if you will, it doesn’t require much acting, and the kind of more intense scenes, there’s a lot of trust and safety there. All of that kind of benefits I think from just a real connection.”

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