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Jaden Hossler Has No Regrets About Losing Friends

Jul 12

Jaden Hossler has NO regrets about losing his friends!


  • Jaden Hossler just confirmed he has no regrets over friendships he’s lost 
  • A fan commented suggesting that he may want to make amends with the people he’s wronged 
  • And he replied back writing: “naw” 


The fan wrote: “I feel like Jaden is realizing he doesn’t have enough people in his life now could be wrong obviously, but he should make amends with the people he [hurt].” People he hurt likely being his ex Mads Lewis who he cheated on. His other more recent ex Nessa Barrett who he allegedly cheated on, and his former best friend Josh Richards. Jaden also seemingly lost other friends in the wake of his recent split with Nessa, as many people in their social circle unfollowed him on social media. But Jaden clearly has no regrets, which he made clear with his simple response of “naw.”