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JLO Has Forgiven Ben Affleck After Years Of Being “Angry”

Feb 27
JLO Has Forgiven Ben Affleck After Years Of Being “Angry”
Hollywire Team

JLO is spilling all the piping hot tea about her whirlwind romance with Ben Affleck in her new Amazon Prime Documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told.” Get ready to dish on the drama as JLO spills the beans on her journey from heartbreak to forgiveness!

In a candid moment, JLO reveals that she was harboring a lot of pent-up anger towards Ben for years before finally finding peace. But guess what, gossip lovers? She’s now forgiven Ben “all the way,” signaling a fresh start for these star-crossed lovers.

JLO Has Forgiven Ben

During a heart-to-heart with Ben in the documentary, JLO drops the bombshell, admitting, “I think I was angry at you for a long time.” But hold onto your hats because here comes the real shocker—she’s ready to let bygones be bygones. “I think I’ve forgiven you all the way,” JLO confesses, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

But the drama doesn’t stop there, honey! JLO spills the tea on why their romance fizzled out back in 2004. According to JLO, it all boiled down to maturity—or rather, the lack thereof. “We just weren’t ready to deal with it,” she spills, reflecting on their past struggles to navigate their relationship.

Even though the clock was ticking and both JLO and Ben were in their prime, they just couldn’t seem to make it work. But fear not, lovebirds, because JLO’s journey to forgiveness proves that true love always finds its way back home.

JLO Has Forgiven Ben

Top 3 Jlo Drama Moments:

  1. Bennifer Era Drama: One of the most iconic periods of JLo’s life was her relationship with actor Ben Affleck, often referred to as “Bennifer.” Their highly publicized romance captivated tabloids and fans alike. The media frenzy surrounding their engagement, subsequent breakup, and whirlwind romance kept JLo at the center of drama throughout the early 2000s.
  2. American Idol Departure: JLo’s departure from the judging panel of “American Idol” in 2012 stirred up considerable drama. Her decision to leave the popular talent show after two seasons sparked rumors and speculation about the reasons behind her exit. Reports suggested conflicts with producers and disagreements over salary negotiations contributed to her departure, adding a layer of drama to her time on the show.
  3. Controversial Super Bowl Halftime Show: In 2020, JLo co-headlined the Super Bowl LIV halftime show alongside Shakira. While the performance received widespread praise for its energy and entertainment value, it also sparked controversy and debate.

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