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Johnny Depp’s Controversial VMA Appearance

Aug 29
Johnny Depp’s Controversial VMA Appearance
Brianna Walmark

Johnny Depp’s Controversial VMA Appearance

  • Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance at the 2022 VMAs 
  • A digital Johnny appeared in a moon suit floating above the crowd to kick off the show 
  • The move has received mixed reactions on the internet 


During Johnny’s quick appearance, which appears to have been pre-recorded, he said to the crowd: “hey you know what I needed the work.” He later popped up in the suit again to say “hey VMAs let’s get back to the music shall we.” Viewers had mixed reactions to the move with some calling it “tasteless” and others calling it “genius.” 

Amber Heard’s sister has come forward to slam MTV for their decision to include Johnny. She called the move “disgusting” writing on her Instagram Story: “@MTV YOU’RE DISGUSTING AND CLEARLY DESPERATE! I REALLY HOPE THAT NONE OF THE PEOPLE THAT MADE THIS CALL HAVE DAUGHTERS… #DVMAS #ISTANDWITHAMBERHEARD.” 

Those who support Johnny feel that this was a major step in his Hollywood comeback because it was his first TV appearance in a long time. Amber is still working on launching her appeal of the verdict in their defamation case, recently hiring a new legal team who she believes will help her WIN! 

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