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Kanye West is comparing himself to Taylor Swift!

Sep 22
Brianna Walmark

Kanye West is comparing himself to Taylor Swift!

  • Kanye West believes that people are selling his music without consent 
  • This had led Kanye to feel super angry 
  • And is even comparing his experiences to Taylor Swift’s 


Kanye West is comparing himself to Taylor Swift! He has come forward to share that his widespread music list which adds up to about $13.25 million dollars is being sold without his consent. He took to his Instagram story to post that he is “ Just like Taylor Swift. My publishing is being put up for sale without my knowledge. Not for sale”. This is similar to Taylor Swift because for some time she was facing difficulties against Scooter Braun whose masters were sold without her permission back in 2019. 

Prior to Kanye’s post on his Instagram, it was reported that he has been searching for potential buyers. Billboard reported that Kanye makes $5 million out of the $13.25 million in annual publishing royalties but is looking to sell his music catalog for $ 175 million even though Kanye has now shared that he isn’t involved in this sale. It has been said that due to Kanye’s music “slowing down in recent months” they are ultimately trying to make a deal before it decreases in value. Sources also told Billboard that Kanye “has received offers from private equity and other music asset buyers”. But ultimately was never serious about selling his music catalog.

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