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Miley Cyrus Triumphs at 2024 Grammys with First-Ever Wins

Feb 06
Miley Cyrus Triumphs at 2024 Grammys with First-Ever Wins
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Miley Cyrus Triumphs at 2024 Grammys with First-Ever Wins

In a momentous turn of events, Miley Cyrus celebrated a career milestone at the 2024 Grammys, securing her first-ever Grammy wins in a night filled with excitement.

Miley Cyrus undoubtedly had a blast at the Grammys, clinching not just one but two prestigious awards, including her inaugural Grammy. The highlight of the evening was Miley’s electrifying performance of her hit song ‘Flowers,’ which not only captivated the audience but also earned her the coveted Record of the Year award—an honor recognizing the overall production of a song, known for its high level of competition. Additionally, ‘Flowers’ secured the award for Pop Solo Performance.

Miley Cyrus Triumphs

During her performance, Miley playfully altered the lyrics, singing, QUOTE: ‘started to cry but then remembered I JUST WON MY FIRST GRAMMY.’

The joyous occasion was marked by a fan-worthy moment when Miley received her award from none other than the iconic Mariah Carey. Overwhelmed with excitement, Miley fangirled on stage, declaring, QUOTE: ‘This M.C. is gonna stand by this M.C. for this, because this is just too iconic.’

However, Miley’s acceptance speeches took an unexpected turn when fans noticed that she seemingly forgot to thank her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. In her heartfelt expressions of gratitude, Miley did acknowledge QUOTE: ‘all the people we love’ and gave special shoutouts to her ‘mommy, sister, love, and main gays,’ playfully adding, QUOTE: ‘I don’t think I forgot anyone, but I might’ve forgotten underwear… bye!’

With this momentous win, Miley Cyrus etched her name in Grammy history, marking a new chapter in her illustrious career.

Miley Cyrus Triumphs


Top 3 Miley Drama Moments:

  1. 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Performance (2013):
    • Miley Cyrus generated significant controversy with her performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The performance featured twerking, provocative dance moves, and the use of foam fingers, leading to public debates and discussions about the appropriateness of her stage persona, especially considering her transition from a more wholesome Disney Channel image.
  2. Bangerz Tour Controversies (2014):
    • Miley Cyrus faced various controversies during her Bangerz Tour in 2014. The tour included provocative and visually explicit elements, such as risqué outfits, explicit content in the stage visuals, and suggestive dance routines. These choices sparked criticism from some parents and conservative groups, raising concerns about the appropriateness of the content for her younger fanbase.
  3. Liam Hemsworth Breakup and Post-Divorce (2019):
    • Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s high-profile breakup in 2019 garnered attention and became a subject of media scrutiny. Following the separation, Miley was involved in a public romance with Kaitlynn Carter, which attracted tabloid coverage. Miley’s subsequent relationship with Cody Simpson also drew attention, contributing to a period of personal drama and public speculation about her love life.

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