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Nicki Minaj Fires Shots at Megan Thee Stallion in Explosive Diss Track Amidst Feud

Jan 31
Nicki Minaj Fires Shots at Megan Thee Stallion in Explosive Diss Track Amidst Feud
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Nicki Minaj Fires Shots at Megan Thee Stallion in Explosive Diss Track Amidst Feud

The hip-hop world is buzzing as Nicki Minaj drops a bombshell diss track aimed at Megan Thee Stallion, escalating their ongoing feud to a whole new level.

Megan Thee Stallion recently released her latest single, “Hiss,” and fans immediately speculated that a particular line in the song threw some serious shade at Nicki Minaj. Well, it didn’t take long for Nicki to hit back with her latest single, “Big Foot,” and she’s not holding back, taking major shots at Megan both in the song and on social media.

In “Big Foot,” Nicki Minaj makes bold accusations about Megan, referencing her mother’s death and the controversial 2020 incident where she was shot in the foot by Tory Lanez. Nicki boldly raps, “Ho, the things that you’ve lied about / Even pertaining to your mom / You don’t want them out, okay?” The outro of the track leaves fans hanging, teasing the promise of a follow-up diss track.

The origins of Nicki and Megan’s feud remain murky. While they previously collaborated on the 2019 hit “Hot Girl Summer,” speculation points to a possible rift after Megan teamed up with Cardi B for “WAP.” The drama has been brewing, and Nicki’s latest release only adds fuel to the fire.

Despite Nicki’s flurry of tweets, Megan has yet to directly respond to the diss track. Last Friday, Nicki went live on Instagram to promote her fiery creation, and shortly after, Megan posted a selfie on her own Instagram story, laughing off the tension. Megan has remained tight-lipped about the inspiration behind “Hiss” and the specific lyrics in question.

This hip-hop saga is far from over, and fans are eagerly awaiting the next move in this celebrity showdown.

Nicki Minaj drama!

  1. Feud with Cardi B at New York Fashion Week (2018):

    • Nicki Minaj and Cardi B made headlines when their long-standing tension boiled over in 2018. The feud reportedly led to a physical altercation, with both artists taking shots at each other on social media.
  2. Twitter Spat with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry (2015):

    • In 2015, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter expressing frustration over not receiving a nomination for the MTV Video Music Awards. Her tweets were interpreted by some as criticism towards Taylor Swift, leading to a brief online feud. Katy Perry also got involved, and the situation garnered significant attention.
  3. Controversial “Anaconda” Music Video (2014):

    • The release of Nicki Minaj’s music video for “Anaconda” in 2014 stirred controversy due to its explicit content. The video sparked debates about feminism, body image, and the portrayal of women in the media. It garnered both praise and criticism, making it a focal point of pop culture discussions.

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