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Paul Pelosi pleads guilty to his DUI charge!

Aug 24
Paul Pelosi pleads guilty to his DUI charge!
Brianna Walmark

Paul Pelosi pleads guilty to his DUI charge!

  • Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pleads guilty to DUI charge 
  • He pleaded guilty to driving under the influence while driving back home in Napa Valley ca
  • And he is now facing some charges but got off from spending time in jail 

Back in May, Paul Pelosi was driving in Napa Valley California when he crashed his car into another driver. Paul got behind the wheel of his 2021 $100,000 black Porsche 911 to drive only six miles to his house in the country of Napa Valley in California. He happened to make a left turn and hit Mr. Lopez’s Jeep. Both cars needed to be towed and Mr. Lopez also faced some injuries. A blood sample was taken from Paul Pelosi a little over two hours after when the accident happened and his blood alcohol content came back as .082%

This week Paul Pelosi went to court for his crash where he plead guilty to driving under the influence. Judge Joseph Solga stated Pelosi must be on probation for three years, pay $5,000 to Mr. Lopez. For damages caused to the Jeep and injuries, and will not be getting his license taken away. Instead for a year, he will have to use an interlock ignition device that requires a breath sample before the engine starts. He will also have to attend a three-month DUI class and 8 hours of community service. The judge also sentenced him to 5 days in jail but will now not have to serve that time as the judge gave him other sentences and spent a total of two days in jail when he was originally arrested therefore leaving the Judge to drop the 5-day jail sentence.

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