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Pete Davidson’s NEW Tattoo For Kim Kardashian

Jul 12

Pete Davidson’s NEW Tattoo For Kim Kardashian is to honor the start of his relationship with her! 


  • Pete Davidson just got ANOTHER tattoo dedicated to Kim K 
  • Fans noticed the words “Jasmine & Aladdin” tattooed on his collarbone with an infinity sign 
  • The tattoo seemingly pays tribute to the start of their relationship after their kiss on SNL 

This is not the first tattoo Pete has gotten in Kim’s honor! Pete Davidson’s NEW Tattoo sits right below the letters “knscp” which many fans speculated is for Kim and her children. He also has “my girls a lawyer” tattooed on his chest. Kim revealed that he actually got a branding of her name on his chest as well. Their relationship is clearly very serious at this point, and this week fans freaked out over their first tease of Pete in the next season of The Kardashians on Hulu. The new trailer features Kim asking Pete to come take a shower with her, and him LITERALLY dropping everything to join her after the Met Gala!