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Post Malone addresses major fall during concert

Sep 19
Post Malone addresses major fall during concert
Brianna Walmark

Post Malone addresses major fall during concert

  • Post Malone took to social media to give a statement 
  • This comes after a major fall he took during his concert where he had to seek medical attention 
  • But not long after, he came back on stage and finished the show


Singer Post Malone, took to his Twitter to post a video he filmed for his fans. The video addresses the fall he took while on stage during a concert in St. Louis. Numerous fan videos show Post Malone singing away as he is walking backward and falls into a hole in the center of the stage. He is seen turning over and in obvious pain. Then a couple of medical personnel rush over to him for assistance.

Post Malone posted to Twitter a video explaining the series of events that occurred that night as he said, “Thank you for putting up with my dumb a–. Whenever we do the acoustic part of the show, the guitars on the guitar stand, and it goes down. And there’s this big a– hole. So I go around there and turn the corner and bust my a–. Winded me pretty good, got me pretty good. We just got back from the hospital. Everything’s good, they gave me some pain meds and everything. I’ll keep kicking a– on the tour.

I just want to apologize to everyone in St. Louis, and I want to say thank you guys so much for coming to the show. Next time I’m around this way, we’re gonna do a 2-hour show for you, so we can make up for the couple of songs we missed. Thank you guys for your support and love, and thanks for hanging around even though I got my a– kicked by myself. I love you guys so much. Have a great night.”

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