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Ricky Martin Slams Allegations Of A Sexual Relationship With His Nephew

Jul 17
Ricky Martin Slams Allegations Of A Sexual Relationship With His Nephew

Ricky Martin’s attorneys are slamming the allegations he had a sexual relationship with his nephew! 

  • Reports have surfaced that Ricky Martin is facing 50 years in prison for having a relationship with his nephew 
  • Ricky’s attorney’s have slammed the claims saying they’re “untrue” & “disgusting” 
  • His legal team believes the case will be dismissed


A judge in Puerto Rico issued a restraining order against Ricky and a spokesperson for the police. He confirmed they attempted to deliver the order at his home. Rumors have started to circulate about the issuer. That the person who requested the order was Ricky’s nephew because of a sexual relationship they’d had. Ricky’s legal team says that these claims are completely untrue and they plan to fight back to clear his name.  

In a statement to TODAY Ricky’s attorney said: “Unfortunately, the person who made this claim is struggling with deep mental health challenges. Ricky Martin has, of course, never been — and would never be — involved in any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew.”

He continued  saying: “The idea is not only untrue, it is disgusting. We all hope that this man gets the help he so urgently needs. But, most of all, we look forward to this awful case being dismissed as soon as a judge gets to look at the facts.”

Ricky shared a brief statement of his own with fans on Twitter writing:The protection order entered against me is based on completely false allegations, so I will respond through the judicial process with the facts and the dignity that characterize me. Because it is an ongoing legal matter, I cannot make detailed statements at this time. I am grateful for the countless messages of solidarity, and I receive them with all my heart.”

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