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Jennette McCurdy forced to shower with her brother

Sep 09
Jennette McCurdy forced to shower with her brother
Brianna Walmark

Jennette McCurdy forced to shower with her brother

  • Jennette McCurdy is claiming that her mom made her shower with her brother
  • She opens up in an interview with “Red Table Talk
  • And shares not only how her mother guilt tripped her but made her super uncomfortable


Nickelodeon star and child actor Jennette McCurdy has been getting super vulnerable and open about the experiences she faced as a child. From talking about the mistreatment and sexualization she had to deal with whilst on set filming tv shows, to having to deal with an abusive mother who neglected her as a child. In an intimate interview with “Red Table Talk”, Jennette shared that her mother would force her to shower with her older brother when she was just a child at 11 years old. She read out loud a part of her book ‘I’m Glad my Mom Died’ which shared the abuse her mom Debra McCurdy put her through. She read, “Mom showers me with Scotty sometimes, he’s almost 16 at this point. I get really uncomfortable when she showers us together. I can tell he does too.”


Jannette continues

Further on in the interview, Jennette would explain how she and her brother would react when they were forced to shower with each other. She shared that the two of them would look away from each other and find something to keep their minds occupied. She went on to share, “When she showers us together, mom says it’s because she’s got too much to do. Scotty asked if he could shower himself own once. Mom sobbed and said she didn’t want him to grow up so he never asked again after that.” And the times when Jennette would get lucky to shower alone she still faced inappropriate treatment from her mom. Jennette said her mom would give her breast exams and ‘front butt exams’ and Jennette would let her because she said her mom had cancer so she would know if she had it too. 

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