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Why Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker Broke Up

Oct 20
Why Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker Broke Up

Why Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker Broke Up

The couple may be back for now, but details on their messy break up a few months back have finally come out.


Well on the latest episode of the D’Amelio Show fans were finally given clarity on the long rumored (albeit temporary) split between Landon and Charli. Up to that point everything in the relationship had seemed to be sunshine and butterflies to fans, so most were quite shocked to hear this had occurred at all. Well, now we know a bit about how it happened.


In the show it’s revealed that the break up occurred on Charli’s birthday when the group were in the Bahamas. Ouch. During the trip Landon apparently flipped out on Charli and said she doesn’t know how to handle his anxiety and was being hyper-controlling of her. The couple were apparently fighting nonstop and then he finally left ten minutes before her birthday and didn’t say anything to her about it.

Landon did later end up making a very loving Instagram post for her birthday, and the two are still together currently, so it’s raised quite a few questions about what’s been going on behind the scenes. It also got us speculating about what could’ve led to them staying together through this, cause frankly this situation sounds pretty bad.


Landon Apologized

Though he isn’t exactly known for his maturity, Landon Barker may have apologized to Charli for his behavior. When all was said and done he realized that the relationship was more important to him than Charli dealing with “his anxiety.”


Perhaps it was a growing experience for Landon, and he finally took responsibility and owned his mistakes. Charli, always keen to be the bigger person, would be the one to accept an apology. This is the most likely reason they are still together. Though admittedly we don’t have much clarity yet.


Charli Doesn’t Want to Go Through a Break Up

Charli has a heck of a lot going on right now, and the drama a break up involves is not ideal for her. While yes it’s always good publicity, it’s also just not Charli’s style. As we know from the Lil Huddy saga, Charli tries to avoid as much relationship scandal as she can. She prefers to focus on what matters to her: making public appearances and posting dance videos online.

So maybe even though things were hitting a wall with Landon, Charli simply didn’t want to go through the emotionally draining process of a break up, and the sometimes even more draining experience of being single. This definitely was on her mind.


Landon Played Her His Music

As we all know from his last song, Landon is a musical genius. His intricate songwriting and vocal prowess are enough to make any girl swoon. Including and especially Charli. When he released “Friends With Your Ex” we all knew it was the exact work he needed to launch what will surely be a massive music career, just like his father has had.


So it’s possible that after the vulnerability of Landon’s music graced Charli’s ears, she realized she just couldn’t stay away. Who could blame her.


Things Changed

It’s also possible that the Bahamas was merely a turning point in the couple’s relationship. Things had been hot and heavy and seemingly too idyllic to begin, and the paradise of the Bahamas ended up being an ironic background as the couple realized the many imperfections that plagued their relationship.


Sometimes that situation is simply a wake up call and both parties realize a break and re-group are what’s needed to keep the boat above water. If that’s the case then it was a very mature move by both of them. They are both young, but it’s almost impossible to imagine this relationship ever ending for so many of us.

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