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Anne Heche’s son fights over ownership of her estate

Sep 30
Anne Heche’s son fights over ownership of her estate
Brianna Walmark

Anne Heche’s son fights over ownership of her estate

  • Anne Heche’s son is taking things to court as he fights over his mother’s estate 
  • He is filing a petition to have the estate after she initially fave ownership to her ex 
  • But he is claiming that he should have ownership more than her ex 


Homer Lafoon, the oldest son of late actress Anne Heche is getting involved in the court as he is fighting for the estate which belonged to his mom Anne. There was an email sent back in 2011 from Anne where she shared that her ex James Tupper is the administrator of the estate. Homer has been arguing why he should be deemed administrator instead of James Tupper. He is claiming that the email that was sent back in 2011 is not valid, as in the email there was no actual signature from his mom.

Court documents stated In fact, the Decedent sent a similar email to her bookkeeper on April 7, 2020. It was after the Decedent contracted COVID-19”, the filing reads. “This document, which fails to qualify as a will on the same basis as the email attached to the Objection, makes no reference whatsoever to Mr. Tupper, which is not surprising given their acrimonious breakup in 2018.”

Anne Heche’s son fights over ownership of her estate. After Homer expressed his interest in obtaining the ownership of the estate James Tupper clapped back. He is saying that he believes Homer shouldn’t get this ownership as he isn’t ‘suitable’ for the responsibility. Homer then responded by saying that at the time of her death he was employed. He is now planning to resume class at Tulane University. Ultimately though had to postpone that due to his mother’s passing. 

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