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Jennifer’s Honeymoon Is Postponed

Aug 23
Jennifer’s Honeymoon Is Postponed
Brianna Walmark

Jennifer’s Honeymoon Is Postponed

  • Ben Affleck was seen leaving his wedding celebrations in a private jet with Matt Damon…INSTEAD of JLO 
  • Many fans were confused why the bride & groom didn’t jet off together for their honeymoon 
  • An insider has now revealed that Ben has to get back to work! 


Jennifer’s Honeymoon Is Postponed. A source just told Hollywood Life that Ben had to leave the celebrations in Georgia early for a. “project he is currently very busy working on and JLo completely understood this.” The insider added that JLo: “encouraged him to do it as she knows how important his career is to him and to the success of their marriage.” They continued saying:  “What makes their relationship work is the trust that they have, knowing that they can go out and be these huge A-list stars but come home to each other and just be husband and wife.” So Bennifer’s Honeymoon Is Postponed

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