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Did Dixie D’Amelio Get Cheated On?

Dec 02
Did Dixie D’Amelio Get Cheated On?

Did Dixie D’Amelio Get Cheated On?

Cause that would suck.


An anonymous report to Deux Moi is reporting that Trevor Zegras cheated on Dixie. Now this is truly shocking.

Just a day after we reported on some ongoing beef with Noah Beck and Dixie, it seems there’s maybe even more going on with Dixie. Namely, with Trevor, a guy we all totally knew she was dating all along.


An Insider Writes In.

As always, an anonymous insider has the scoop. This time reporting that Dixie and Trevor have broken up, unfollowed each other, and that there was cheating involved.

Notably, they didn’t reveal who cheated on who, though. Especially with the Noah stuff yesterday, that leaves room to speculate.


We did some more research.

Dixie did unfollow Trevor, but he didn’t unfollow her. Hm…

We will continue to ponder this situation. We will ponder it deeply. We will ponder it until there is nigh left to ponder.

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