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Kanye West shares he has to “fight for his voice” in his marriage with Kim Kardashian

Sep 23
Kanye West shares he has to “fight for his voice” in his marriage with Kim Kardashian
Brianna Walmark

Kanye West shares he has to “fight for his voice”

  • Kanye West is opening up about what life was like being married to Kim Kardashian
  • In a recent interview, Kanye shared that while being married to her he felt like he had to raise his voice 
  • And ultimately, had to figure out ways to speak his opinion 


In an interview with Good Morning America rapper, father, and ex-husband of Kim Kardashian opened up about what married life looked like for the two. He explained in their marriage the playing field wasn’t even and in turn, he had to work extra hard to have his voice heard as he shared, “I do have a voice, but I had to fight for it. That hurts you when you have to scream about what your kids are wearing. It was all a disregard for something I co-created. I co-created the children.”

He went on to share how this is a similar situation he experienced with brands he collaborated with such as Adidas. He said “I co-created the product at Adidas. I co-created the product at Gap. There’s a parallel, and the parallel does touch on discrimination”.


The interview

In the interview, he goes on to share the relationship he aspires to have with his children. He’s expressed in the past how he doesn’t want his children to grow up with pornography the same way their mother Kim Kardashian did. He shared, “I’m their dad. It has to be co-parenting. It’s not up to only the woman. Like, men have a choice also. Men’s voices matter.

Kanye has even developed his own school Yeezy Christian Academy. He did it in hopes of providing children with an alternative way to learning as he shares, “So many schools are made to set kids up for industries that don’t even matter anymore”. The typical focal point for schools is “on practical skills” such as engineering, computer programming, and farming. He also shared that his school has tutors that emphasize techniques that could “actually turn your kids into, like, geniuses”.

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