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Leslie Jordan has been announced dead after car crash 

Oct 25
Leslie Jordan has been announced dead after car crash 
Brianna Walmark

Leslie Jordan has been announced dead after a car crash 


  • It has been announced that comedian and actor Leslie Jordan has passed away 
  • This tragic accident happened while he was driving and crashed into the side of a building  
  • And after he swerve and crashed, and took his life, people believe to be because of a health concern


American Horry Story actor and comedian Leslie Jordan has passed away due to a medical emergency leading to a fatal car crash. His representatives have confirmed that Leslie at just 67 years of age has passed away. Representatives have confirmed that Leslie has been facing health conditions with his heart. An upcoming doctor’s appointment was set to see the actor. Leslie has noted that he was having a heart time breaking and shortness of breath. It is believed that Leslie may have has shortness of breath at the time of the accident. Leslie, then he spun out of control and crashed into the side of a building. 

It has been said as they are still looking into the matters of the crash that while driving his BMW, he suffered some sort of medical emergency and crashed his vehicle into the side of a building. Although Leslie was known for his work in the film industry he also built a following for himself during the beginning of the pandemic through funny videos he’d post. He took his original Instagram following from 500,000 to a whopping 5.8 million in just a couple of years. His latest post was a video of him singing a song Sunday Mornin’ Hymn Singin’ just a day before his fatal accident. The caption read QUOTE, “Sunday Mornin’ Hymn Singin’ with @dannymyrick. Danny helped me with a new original song that should be comin’ out real soon. Love. Light. Leslie.

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