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Nikita Dragun arrested at a Miami hotel

Nov 09
Nikita Dragun arrested at a Miami hotel
Brianna Walmark

Nikita Dragun arrested at a Miami hotel

  • Nikita Dragun got into some trouble with the law 
  • She was arrested and left a Miami hotel in handcuffs 
  • Officials are stating she was publicly nude and was acting out of pocket 

TikTok star Nikita Dragun made some waves while being a guest at an upscale hotel in Miami Florida. While she was there cops have shared Nikita was arrested due to her walking around the pool naked. When they tried to take care of matters, she rebelled and doused police as well as security guards with water 


A TMZ report shares that police received a report stating there was some disturbance and someone being overly inappropriate at the hotel pool. When officials tried to stop the disturbance, Nikita wouldnt listen. Instead of complying she then threw water bottles at staff members. They also went up to Nikita’s hotel room where they tried to alleviate the situation. When they went up heard loud music coming from her room. They told her she needed to turn down the music or else she would have to leave the property. Instead of complying slammed the door in their faces. After that, she opened the door and asked officials if “they want more” and threw the bottles with resulted in her arrest. Nikita was arrested for felony battery on a police officer, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and misdemeanor battery on a $5,000 bond


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