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Olivia Rodrigo Is Getting Called Out For Celebrity Privilege

Jul 22

Olivia Rodrigo is getting called out for her celebrity privilege! 


  • Olivia has a celebrity Chipotle card…which gives her access to free Chipotle for a year 
  • She recently shared the news of her card with fans on her Instagram story 
  • Calling it her “most prized possession” 


Olivia Rodrigo isn’t the only celebrity who has this card, a lot of celebrities and influencers have this like Addison Rae. Regular people cannot purchase one or apply for one it’s simply a special perk for famous customers! TikToker TallNeil posted about Olivia’s card – and top comments on this TikTok are calling out Chipotle card holders like Olivia with comments like, “Crazy how we give so much to people who already have more than enough.” and “It’s amazing how the rich people get all the financial breaks.” 


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