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Britney Spears Drops More Bomb Shells – Her Natural Hair Color Is Black!

Oct 26
Britney Spears Drops More Bomb Shells – Her Natural Hair Color Is Black!

Britney Spears Drops More Bomb Shells- Her Natural Hair Color Is Black!

The misunderstood pop idol’s new book is here, and it’s got the tea.

We all remember last week when a huge bombshell was dropped revealing that Britney had gotten an abortion during her time dating Justin back in the early 2000s, well now Brit’s long-awaited book is here and there could not be more to talk about.


Frankly, we could spend days on just about every chapter of the book, digging through and micro-analyzing everything from Britney’s pain to her psychological predispositions, but we think the easiest thing is to just count down the handful of biggest storylines to become public as a result of the publication.


Justin Timberlake cheated, a lot.

While there had always been murmurs of Justin’s infidelities, especially back then when he was at the height of his fame, the full extent of his behavior had never really become public. Well, Britney promised to tell all, and that she did.


Justin cheated on Britney quite a few times, including with Nicole Appleton, as well as with various fans, dancers, and groupies. While we do expect Justin to make some sort of comment defending himself on the subject, Britney paints a pretty bleak picture. It’s not totally shocking, but the constant gaslighting and lying is at least disappointing to hear.


Britney slams Ryan Seacrest.

Well if it’s not one metrosexual mid 2000s superstar causing her issues it’s another, this time Ryan Seacrest. In a now infamous interview in 2007, Seacrest suggested that Britney may not be doing the best job parenting her two young children. Britney did not take too kindly to the question and to this day is angry about it.


She slammed Seacrest, revealing she is still bothered by the situation to this day. Still, the question wasn’t totally unfair and considering Britney remains estranged from her children to this day. In light of the book however we see how all of these situations amounted to her ultimate mental breakdown.


Her natural hair color is black.

That’s right. It’s black. At least according to Britney, some would call it brown. Even still, she is one of the most iconic blondes of all time, so it’s pretty shocking to hear that she isn’t really blonde at all.


Like much of Britney’s early celebrity life, decisions were made by those around her to create a highly curated image of who she was. The blonde hair was a big part of that, but it wasn’t the only part. All of the control exerted on her made Britney feel she lacked autonomy, and in the end contributed to her instability as she struggled to live a normal life.


That is really only scratching the surface here though. There is still oh so much more to discuss in the coming days.

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