Kanye’s Donda academy is to be closed immediately 

Oct 28
Kanye’s Donda academy is to be closed immediately 
Brianna Walmark

Kanye’s Donda academy is to be closing immediately but ends up reopening


  • Kanye’s school Donda Academy is closing immediately 
  • This comes after Kanye has been making anti-Semitic remarks 
  • As he loses his school, he has lost millions of dollars and has been dropped by big brands 

As Kanye West digs a deeper hole for himself. It seems that he is losing things that are super important to him. The Donda Academy, which is Kanye’s school is now having to close immediately. Jason Angeil, the principal of Donda sends an email to the parents of the students in attendance. The London Times obtained the email as it read “at the discretion of our founder, Donda Academy will close for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year effective immediately.“There is no school [Thursday],”. 

The principles email continued to share more information. It says, “Our leadership team will be working diligently to assist all families during this transition. Ensuring that every scholar has what they need to succeed in their next community in a prompt and gracious manner,”. Angell’s email concluded, “We are confident that our scholars will continue to advance as the creative innovators, courageous influencers, and academic leaders of the next generation.” The cost of tuition to attend Donda is $15,000 a year and parents are also meant to sign an NDA to prevent leaks and share about the inside workings of the school. 

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