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Are Timothee Chalamat and Kylie Jenner Done?

Nov 08
Are Timothee Chalamat and Kylie Jenner Done?

Are Timothee Chalamat and Kylie Jenner Done?

The world has begun to speculate.


Last we heard Timothee and Kylie were going even better than anyone expected. In fact there were even rumors that the two were on their way to getting engaged. Well the latest update suggests things have changed a bit.

There’s currently a photo circulating of the couple at the Wall Street Journal Innovator Awards that seems to suggest everything is fine with the pair. But that photo may be a little misleading.

Rumors are it’s photo-shopped.

Weird to say the least. It looks like a pretty normal photo with Timmy’s arm around his bae. But according to a TeaTalk source, the photo is indeed photo-shopped.

Apparently the hand in the photo is not his hand, and if you zoom in it starts to become clearer that it’s an AI-edit. Additionally there is no confirmed official photo of them there together, just this weird fake one circulating.


They attended separately. 

The stranger thing is that the two both attended the event… just not together. Though they were filmed making out publicly not that long ago, it seemed something this “big” wasn’t the ideal “couple” opportunity for them.

Either that or things aren’t going as well as previously thought. On that point we have more info.


They were photographed together at the event.

In one image the two seem normal, comfortably sitting next to each other at a table. They are clearly conscious of people looking at them, but for the most part seem normal.


A second photo tells a very different story. The two seem to be having a heated conversation, though both are attempting to keep their emotions under control. It’s not the best look in the world, but as with any relationship perhaps this is merely a speed bump.


Or, perhaps this is the end. Or maybe it’s already over. It’s anyone’s guess.

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