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Is Nessa Barrett A Mean Girl?!

Nov 08
Is Nessa Barrett A Mean Girl?!

Is Nessa Barrett A Mean Girl?! ????????

Here’s why we may think so.


Over the years there’s always been speculation about just what “kind” of person Nessa Barrett is. Or maybe we should say “how” kind a person Nessa Barrett is.


Even beyond the veneer of her “sensitive goth girl” vibe and the drama of the Jaden Hossler relationship, it was tough to get a read on how genuine a person Nessa was. After all, she did leave Josh Richards for his best friend. Well now there’s a report that’s giving us some insight into these questions.


A Forum Post Appears

Recently a forum post appeared that was allegedly posted “on behalf” of a “friend” who had previously worked as Nessa’s photographer. Now there’s no real way to verify this, but it’s so specific that it’s hard not to believe there’s truth in it.

For some background, according to the post, the girl’s friend was a tour photographer for Nessa, and because the girl doesn’t have social media herself she “has no reason to lie.”


The claim.

According to the post Nessa was unbearable to work with. She was “one of the meanest girls” she ever met in her life, and would scream at everyone, make fun of people to their face, and treat people like “literal garbage.”

Not looking great. While there is reason to dispute the claim, there also isn’t a whole lot of contrary evidence to suggest that Nessa is a particularly nice person. While she’s likely still reeling from her break up, it doesn’t excuse treating the people who are paid to support your career poorly.


Drugs and Alcohol Allegedly Play a Part

Perhaps even more explosively, the post claims that Nessa’s claims of sobriety are false and that Nessa has been using drugs “a lot” throughout the tour. The post concludes by saying there’s a “reason” Nessa doesn’t keep many friends.


But not everyone is buying this. Nessa’s team stepped in to call the post out as a lie and that it’s only being shared “for attention.” These people are verified team members for Nessa, so they are a little more trustworthy than some random anon post.


Still, it certainly feeds some rumors. Let’s see if more comes out here.


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