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Kendall Jenner Dumps Bad Bunny For THIS CEO?!😱🤔

Dec 02
Kendall Jenner Dumps Bad Bunny For THIS CEO?!😱🤔

Kendall Jenner Dumps Bad Bunny For THIS CEO?!😱🤔

It seems Kendall has moved on quickly.


You will probably recall our in depth report on Kendall’s rumored split with Bad Bunny from a few weeks ago. In it we broke down the mysterious Instagram post Kendall posted, and the claims that her friends were wanting her to get back with Devin Booker.

Well, now it seems she has moved on to someone completely new.


Deux Moi Gives the Scoop


As usual an anonymous tip has revealed something. This time the claim is that “sparks were flying” between Kendall and CEO Matthew Vega-Sanz during the Forbes 30 under 30 shoot.

Photos do show the two right next to each other, and we think it’s at least plausible.


Haters emerge.


Top comments on the post have filtered in saying “seems like Matthew Vega Sanz sent this in himself,” and stating they still have no idea who he is.

Suffice to say fans aren’t quite buying the rumor. Even if the guy is rich, he still seems like a bit of a step down from DBook or Bad Bunny.


Bad Bunny.


Though there’s not much to go off, it seems likely this relationship is fully over. According to reports, Kendall posted her sunset photo on Instagram the same day Bad Bunny apparently hung out with his ex-girlfriend who he maintains a “friendship with.”

It didn’t sit well, and here we are. Start googling Matthew Vega Sanz.

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