Bethenny Frankel shades Kim Kardashian once again

Dec 31
Bethenny Frankel shades Kim Kardashian once again
Hollywire Team

Bethenny Frankel shades Kim Kardashian once again 

  • Bethenny Frankel is once again throwing Kim Kardashian under the bus
  •  in a new interview for Gwyneth Paltrow’s company goop
  • Bethany gives her opinions in the comments section once again implying the materialistic factors of Hollywood 

Kim Kardashian made her appearance on her “Goop” podcast. Gweneth took to social media to praise Kim Kardashian and her remarks made during the interview. Gwen posted a selfie on her Instagram with The Kardashians star with a caption that reads “@kimkardashian is fascinating to the world, we know this. For me, she is fascinating because she challenges so many ideas of what a woman is supposed to be, and how she is supposed to look and behave while doing it,”. 


With Gweneth’s recent post, Bethenny has to step in. She comments back on the original Instagram post with a simple comment that reads, “ “I mean LOL.”Another user also commented on the post with confusion as to why Kim is even on Goop’s podcast reading, This is so confusing. I have two young daughters and have to already discuss with them why the Kardashian’s faces are changing in front of their eyes, why no one else’s bodies look like theirs, and why their content is literally just selfies. To suggest KK is challenging what ideas of women should be is a warped idea that offers such a narrow lens to view us through. 

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