Shannon Purser


Shannon Purser is in the Hollywire studio playing Hollyweird! She tells us the weirdest thing she had to do on set was thumb wrestle Adam Sandler! She had a very weird fan encounter, a weird habit of talking to herself, and she tells us about the weirdest socks she owns. Her and Joey King give each other weird, but cute, nicknames!

Katherine McNamara

Katherine McNamara is at the studio playing Hollywire Polaroid. She tells us about her first kiss and her most embarrassing moment while filming on the set of Shadowhunters. We also find out what she would be doing if she weren’t an actress and a goal she still has!

Harley Quinn Smith

Harley Quinn Smith is in the Hollywire studio to chat about life and her career! We play Hollywords with Harley and find out that she loves “The Office” “Sex Education” and “You.” She reveals an embarrassing fan moment she had at Disneyland. Also, she has multiple pets and she admits to having a favorite, her pet bunny! Harley Quinn Smith is in the film “All These Small Moments” alongside Jemima Kirke, Molly Ringwald, and Brendan Meyer. She is also in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Jade Pettyjohn

Jade Pettyjohn, star of “School of Rock” and “Destroyer” alongside Nicole Kidman, drops by the Hollywire studio! She tells us about working with Nicole, who plays her mom, and what a dream it was! When they got on set together it was as if they transformed into their characters, which made it easier to to act with such a legend! We play Hollywords and find out her celebrity crush, Timothée Chalamet!

Katherine McNamara

Katherine McNamara, from the Shadowhunters series, reveals her celebrity crush! She also tells us about her first tattoo, her favorite memories on set, and her favorite show on Netflix! She loves her new role as Maya on Arrow! She describes her as a scrappy girl who you do not want to run into in a dark alley! She uses her combat training from Shadowhunters in her new role. She gives us a never been told story from the set Maze Runner: Death Cure with Dylan O’Brien!

Ryder Mclaughlin & Olan Prenatt

Ryder Mclaughlin and Olan Prenatt talk about their experience while working on Jonah Hill’s movie, Mid90s, in this exclusive Hollywire interview! They also speak on how much they have grown as actors since filming the movie, their passion for skateboarding, and how amazing it was to work Jonah Hill as a director.

Melissa Bolona

Melissa Bolona comes to the hollywire studio to chat all about her amazing career! She has been very busy filming and working. She worked with some amazing actors like Bruce Willis, Val Kilmer, and Nicolas Cage in “Dog Eat Dog.” She got the nickname cookie monster as a child and we bring her cookies to eat! She also plays an adopted daughter in “Murder At The Mansion.” Her celebrity crush is Chris Martin from Coldplay! We also play Truth or Dare!

Nicky Whelan

Nicky Whelan Admits She Wants A Sleeve Tattoo & Skateboards With Pro Brandon Biebel!

Nicky Whelan came by the Hollywire studio to chat with Ashley Brinkman about her career and life! She stars in the Lifetime film “A Christmas Arrangement” alongside Miles Fisher. The story is about two florists who join a floral show to win a cash prize! Nicky loved filming and getting to be surrounded by fresh flowers everyday. She also skateboards with her friend, pro-skateboarder, Brandon Biebel. We also play Hollywords with Nicky and find out her morning routine and favorite TV shows; Big Little Lies, Peaky Binders, and The Body Guard.

Mid90s Sunny Suljic, Olan Prenatt & Ryder McLaughlin

Mid90s Sunny Suljic, Olan Prenatt & Ryder McLaughlin drop by the Hollywire studio to tell us all about their weirdest moments and things they own! Sunny’s weirdest moment on set was when he had to yell at his set mom. Olan has Betty Coop socks and Ryder owns pug Christmas socks. Olan love Nike socks while Sunny likes Adidas. Sunny fell off a chair in front of Jonah Hill and felt that that was his weirdest Jonah moment. Jonah would dance on set and he would drive to set with his music turned up loudly while dancing for everyone to see.

Terry Crews

We met up with Terry Crews at the People’s Choice Awards to chat about his amazing night and his film “Deadpool 2.” Not only that but, he was at the PCA’s to present the ‘best country artist’ to Blake Shelton! Terry also paints and still does. Although he played football, art was his major. Rebecca King-Crews has new music out about five songs out! Terry’s fans are amazing, one even gave him a medal he acquired while being overseas in Iraq.

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